2012 Juried Exhibition - Gallery

These are the images chosen for our web gallery. Please click on a thumbnail to view that image or click on the photographers name to view the first of their images.

Untitled (Variation on Calla Lily Image) by Patricia Addleman Grasses by Robert Aker Tracks by Jerry Atnip Indians Fire from Above, 2008 Ventana Wilderness Fire by Tamara Barr Burns Monument by Barbara Batista-Moon Girl in the Moon by Tami Bone Ouija by Tami Bone USC Medical Center by Robert Bright New Growth by Cathy Bruegger C54_2007 by Martha Casanave C56_2008 by Martha Casanave hermitage by Douglas Collins walking variation #11 by Douglas Collins Behind a Little House by Manuel Cosentino Way out ? by Eduardo Costa Horsefall Dunes by Carl Couchman Blue with a Touch of Green by Tamara Danoyan Nocturnal Theater by Tamara Danoyan Backside by Adrienne Defendi Twilight by Adrienne Defendi Aftermath by Matthew Derezinski The Path by Gail Des Jardin Milky Way, Big Sur by David Dilworth Trees on Wall by Dixie Dixon Firestorm, Pinnacles IR by John Eaton Salisbury, Quire & Nave by John Eaton Monterey Fog by Linda Ferrari Legion of Honor, Study 1, San Francisco, CA by Linda Fitch Mystery by Maria Foley Blurred Landscape: Czech Lake by Sara Friedlander Gehry/Disney/Spring by Sara Friedlander Paris Diaries #1 by Eduardo Fujii Untitled #2 by Eduardo Fujii Corona by Ron Garavaglia The forsaken #5 by Marguerite Garth Treed by Megan Gazard Clem and the Lions by Chrystina Geagan Oval Geometry by Steve Goldband Quiet Ocean by Wendy Goody Cache Flow #4 by Jeffery Graves Memorial to Steve Jobs; Apple Store/Palo Alto CA by Ford Griswold The Lone Ranger Gets Lynched by Mistake by Annette Gurdjian Beluga Whales 74 by Arthur Haseltine Whaleshark 90 by Arthur Haseltine Dandilion by Hedwig Heerschop Portrait of A Soldier, 1947-1950 by Hedwig Heerschop Moon Shell by Juanita Hemanes Flow Tide, 10 am by John Hennessy Flow Tide, 4 pm by John Hennessy Grazing Bison Before Storn by Elaine Heron Rapture by Elaine Heron Egrets in the Fog by Susan Hillyard OutStanding in the Field by Susan Hillyard Morning torso 1 by Dennis Hodges Dustin 6 by Todd Hunt Emily 5 by Todd Hunt Fleeting Nature #47 by Mike James Abandoned by Dale Johnson Afternoon Stroll by Dale Johnson Open by Robb Johnson We Buy Gold by Robb Johnson Early Morning Santa Cruz by Robert Kato Gift of Tissue by Robert Kato Angel by Sandra Masae Kawano Prayer by Sandra Masae Kawano Lumen Poppies by Diane Kaye Prairie Grass by Michael Knasptein Winterscape by Michael Knasptein Bixby Bridge by Victor Krag Brown Nettle at The Breakwater, Monterey by Candida Kutz It Can Be Done by Jay Martin Ocean, Sun, Clouds by Michael Miner Senegal, October 2011 by Meredith Mullins Little Sur Meets the Sea by Elizabeth Murray Untitled 1, from the series Beeswax and Linseed Oil by Shea Naer A New Day by Laurie Naiman Fresh Squeezed by Chester Ng Somewhere in Time by Chester Ng Getting Dressed by Clifford Nichols Laundry by Clifford Nichols The Tarn by Jim Nickelson Untitled 2 from Photogram Series by Jane Olin Surface Anomaly 008 by Ted Orland Surface Anomaly 011 by Ted Orland Carrying Firewood by David Pace Dancing Boy by David Pace 75  Scissors by Curtis Palm Day First Snow, Carmel Valley by Robert Reade Dog of Pergamon by Saelon Renkes Walls of Pergamon by Saelon Renkes "Crucifix" by Mark D. Roberts Shadows by David Robertson Tangled by David Robertson Trail Side Grasses by George Robertson Stairs by Merg Ross Shape Shifting III by Jody Royee Winter Oak by David Ruderman Shadows on Steps, Venice, 2009 by Dave Rudin Master Natural Bridges by Pamela Schwarz Eva Loft II by Rachael Short Creede Church by Roger Smith Emerging Three by Roger Smith RedTulip by Barry Staley WeedRefl by Barry Staley Weston Beach, Pt. Lobos I by Karen Strom Death Valley floor from Dante Car Wash by Brian Sunday Girl In The Hall by Neal Swanson Matinee At The Desert Drive-In by Neal Swanson Balconies by Deborah Thackrey Hudson Reflection by Deborah Thackrey Woman With Bingo Card Stack by Alison Turner Two Generations (diptych) by Sieglinde Van Damme Untitled by Matt Vogt Acrobatic Mice by Helen Wallis Fiery-throated Hummingbird 2287 by Cynthia Walpole White-throated Mountain Gem 09543 by Cynthia Walpole MJ by Jack Wasserbach Nautilus Rhythm by Jack Wasserbach Self parking by Tom Watson Point in Time, Germany by Cara Weston Serra As I See Him 10 by Pat Wiesler Corner Study, MOCA-LA by Tony Williams Light thru Young Oaks, El Capitan Meadow by Tony Williams Crescent Moon Over Mono Lake by Lane Wilson Wave Form, Coyote Buttes South by Lane Wilson Copacabana  Salinas, CA by Robin Winfield Maple Seed Pod #1 by Robert Woodward Arctic Summer by Douglas Yates Siena Well by Sara Yerkes Our trees by Jing Yu