2011 Juried Exhibition - Gallery

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"It was both a challenge and a truly rewarding experience serving as one of this year's three judges for the CPA Juried Exhibition. The overall creative breadth and outstanding quality of the submitted work was truly a pleasure to review. All of those who entered are to be commended!"
- Huntington Witherill

MOJAVE - BLUE CABOOSE by Helene Apuzzo Midnight dunes l by Peter Arnold Midnight dunes ll by Peter Arnold Midnight dunes lll by Peter Arnold Electricity by Darryl Baird Arching Branches, Akaka Falls by Tamara Barr Bamboo Forest, Akaka Falls by Tamara Barr Lava Field, Kona by Tamara Barr Trellis, Akaka Falls by Tamara Barr Blowing Curtain by Robert Barry Circle of Life by Robert Barry Claw by Robert Barry Toy Houses by Laird Bindrim Self Portrait by Peggy Bishop Dogwoods in Fog by Arup Biswas Dream by Arup Biswas Crow With Berries by Larry Blackwood Crowheart by Larry Blackwood Sarah by Rudi Blondia Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone by Mark Brittain Snow Mounds, Yosemite by Mark Brittain "Hygiene" from "Trash Series" by Lawrie Brown Make a Wish 1 by Cathy Cakebread Make a Wish 3 by Cathy Cakebread Cranes in Snow by Susan Carnahan Dawn Mist III by Susan Carnahan untitled by Martha Casanave untitled by Martha Casanave Lough Easkey, Co. Sligo 2 by Enda Cavanagh California Sea Lions #4, Monterey Bay by Chuck Davis Ricketts Ghost Reef, Monterey Bay by Chuck Davis Sea Nettles #7, Point Lobos by Chuck Davis Untitled by Joseph Donovan Gabrielle & Monet, MOMA, New York City by Virginia Draper Train Tracks - Eastern Europe by Sherry Dunnigan Norman Fort Study, Great Island Co. Cork, Ireland by David Eisenlord Monterey #2 by Doug Ethridge Monterey #3 by Doug Ethridge Pismo Sufer by Doug Ethridge Whiskey Run Lane by Doug Ethridge Window,Stromness, Orkney, Scotland by Linda Fitch Inside Different by Maria Foley Knowing Dawns by Maria Foley Safe Harbor by Maria Foley Star Gazing by Maria Foley Apple Tripych: 3 by Sara Friedlander Acquiescence by Eduardo Fujii Floral Portrait n. 5 by Eduardo Fujii Garden of Light and Darkness by Eduardo Fujii Multiplicity by Eduardo Fujii Silver Rain by Dorothy Gantenbein Untitled by Dorothy Gantenbein Travelers by Don Gruber Feature by Monte Hall Approaching Storm, Bisti Badlands, N.M. by Terry Hayden Foggy Gate by Dale Hekhuis Approaching Squall by David Hibbard Curtains of Rain by David Hibbard Luminous Island by David Hibbard Ireland#1 by Shinya Ichikawa #7133 from the Magic Ponds Portfolio by Bert Ihlenfeld A Way by Robb Johnson Iron Horse by Robb Johnson One on One by Robb Johnson Napa Dawn by John Kalb Block House 671 by Robert Kato Headlights Fort Point by Robert Kato Six Pane by Robert Kato Three Dog Vortex by Robert Kato Poppy by Sandra Kawano Carmel Beach, Winter 023 by Christine Laptuta Blue Door - Route 66 by R. Larson untitled, from the series Once Upon by Heidi Lender untitled, from the series Once Upon by Heidi Lender Girl from Balkh by Gloriann Liu Los Angeles (Exposition 04_02a) by Alia Malley Los Angeles (Exposition 04_3a) by Alia Malley La Biccletta by Dave Massolo Piazza del Campo by Dave Massolo Power in Harness by William Meneke After the Storm by Michael Miner Mauna Kea Tree Study #1 by Michael Miner Tidal Flow, Soberanes Point by Michael Miner Fresh Snow after the Storm, Dawn, Mono Lake by Malcolm Mosher Pier by Bill Moy Hooves & Dust by Chester Ng Puttin Soliloquy by Chester Ng Burned Truck, San Francisco, California by Robert Osborn Pebbles Van Der Poel, Goat Farmer, Livingston, Montana by Robert Osborn At Home, Soweto by Jane Paradise English Garden, Munich by Jane Paradise Window Dressing by Jane Paradise White Oxen, Minnanthu Pagodas; Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) by Kenneth Parker Point Sur Lighthouse by Robertson Parkman Dancing Trio by Rachel Phillips Quincy by Rachel Phillips Nolangram #015 by Nolan Preece Metro Line 1 near People Wavy Slats by Saelon Renkes Before the Race by Ellen Rennard Deedee by Ellen Rennard Ponce by Ellen Rennard Dreamer by Eleonora Ronconi Story Tellers by Eleonora Ronconi Chair Seat by Merg Ross Half Dome by Ronald Saunders The Running of Horses by Ronald Saunders On Leave - San Francisco by Mary Scarpetti Puzzling Hands by Mary Scarpetti Urban Development I by Thomas Schuster Urban Development II by Thomas Schuster Urban Development V by Thomas Schuster Horsetail by Pamela Schwarz Pond and Trees by Robert Schwiebert Glass Work #5 by Gary Shallcross Clouds Over Raudisandur by John Sheets Road to Reykjavik by John Sheets Fallen Wood by Terry Shoulders Portrait Study of a Friend by Terry Shoulders Pot and Pears by Terry Shoulders The Golden Light by Terry Shoulders Monet Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos by Glenn Steiner Sleeping Cat on the Caldera, Oia by Glenn Steiner Bajada, Death Valley, CA by Stephen Strom Hillsides, near Gorman, CA by Stephen Strom Hillsides, south of Bluff, UT by Stephen Strom Se Mueven Las Faldas Como Vivos by Neal Swanson The Plaza by Deborah Thackrey Soccer Player by Alexander Tkachev Steps down by Alexander Tkachev Dating by Patrick Turner Trotternish by Mark Tuschman Stairway #60, Los Angeles by Mark Wainer Bodie House by Tom Watson Maiden Lane doorway by Tom Watson Pompeii rain by Tom Watson Streets of Rome by Tom Watson Baylands 3 by Marvin Wax Round and Prickley by Marvin Wax Dragon Khamis Beni Sa Mahweet Point by Don Whitebread Delicate Union, Glacier National Park by Lane Wilson Starfish On Black by Robert Woodward Still Life - Dead Leaf by Robert Woodward